Open Studio Session Pass

Regular price $ 40.00

An Open Studio session consists of a 4-hour block of time where you may use the studio equipment and tools and work on your personal projects in a creative and fun environment. Although instruction is not included in this fee, you may certainly ask questions and if we have an answer or recommendation, we will most certainly be glad to share. 

Equipment available to use include:

  • Jewelry bench/stool/bench pin (we use GRS adapters)
  • Basic jewelry bench tools (can be checked out)
  • Soldering Stations (Acetylene and Propane/Oxygen)
  • Polishing/Buffing Machine
  • Magnetic Finisher
  • Microscope
  • Rolling Mill
  • Flexshaft at each bench
  • Planisher
  • Ring Bender
  • Ring Sizer (reduce/enlarge)
  • Grinder
  • Steamer
  • Ultrasonic
  • Micromotor
  • Engraving Ball
  • Benchmate (for stone setting)
  • Wax carving pen/tools
  • Mitre saw for wax
  • Kiln
  • Inspiration Library

Tools & Supplies Available to Purchase:

We have partnered with local and nationwide jewelry supply vendors where you may eligible to purchase jewelry fabrication supplies with a student discount.

We will have limited, frequently used supplies such as sand paper, polishing wheels, drill bits, etc that you may purchase on-site. 

Pass Prices:

Session Pass Price
1-Session Pass $   40
2-Session Pass $   76
3-Session Pass $ 108
4-Session Pass $ 136
5-Session Pass $ 160
30-Day Unlimited Pass

$ 200

*** NOTE ***
There are no refunds unless the pass was NEVER used.
We do not issue partial refunds on unused portions of the pass. However, with the exception of the 30-Day Unlimited Session Pass, there are no expiration dates.

We will track your attendance in the studio. You must check in/out for each session. 


You may register for an Open Studio either on-line using our Open Studio Scheduler or in the studio. You must pay for the session separately, which will be validated at each session you attend. 

You must register for your intended session at least one day in advance to ensure we will be open. If we have no RSVPs for a particular date/time, we will not be open. 

We aim to provide Open Studio at least 2 times during the week (schedule will vary based on customer request and staff availability). Please contact the shop to determine what dates/times the studio will be open to reserve your seat. At this time, there is a limit to no more than 4 confirmed bench rentals per session. 

Equipment Authorization Profile:

All students must be approved to operate all equipment and tools in the studio. This requires an appointment with a staff member to review your experience, which will be recorded in an Equipment Authorization Profile, which will be confidentially maintained on file for all students.


All students must comply with safety rules of the studio.  Students who do not wish to comply will not be allowed to use the studio.