About Us


We are small team (and family) of artisan jewelers who have been designing and creating jewelry for over 10 years. We started out working with beads and eventually discovered the art of metalsmithing. 

Our jewelry studio/store is located at the Monterey Court Studio Galleries and Cafe, where we operate our creative jewelry fabrication workspace and store.  Please stop by, say "Hi", and view our jewelry while dining in the courtyard and watching live music. Our work is also available at the Distinction Art Gallery, in Escondido, CA.

We are a small business and sell our work mostly at local art events, on-line, and now in our shop. 




Tonia is an artisan jeweler and a certified Gemologist (GG) and Graduate Jeweler (GJ). Tonia loves all sorts of gemstones and enjoys the challenge of working with a torch and joining metals




Rick pretty much does anything to help with the jewelry studio, gallery events, office administration, quality assurance, IT setup, gem and metal shopping, and all shop maintenance.




Thurese is an artisan jeweler who gets the credit for introducing her little sister (Tonia) to the art of making jewelry. She is our Pearl, Turquoise, and Peruvian Blue Opal expert.