Our Face Cover Story

Our Face Covers Story

Some customers have asked how is it that we are artisan jewelers and we make face covers? Well, Covid-19 came as a complete surprise to us and unfortunately we were not prepared for how it has changed the way we operate our business.  Due to state and local legislation, we had to temporarily close our doors to the public, which significantly impacted us in so many ways. Thus, we kept busy, by making and donating a bunch of masks in the beginning of the pandemic.  We also have an Etsy store and received an email from executives pleading with shop owners who knew how to sew to consider making and selling face coverings to fulfill a need by everyone. Since we had already been making face covers, we decided to accept the request to help ensure people could get a face cover! We quickly scrambled to obtain the supplies needed (amidst of huge shortage of almost everything) and started making our masks and to our surprise now have customers, world-wide. We have learned a lot along the way but we feel like it's our way of helping others. Since the pandemic is still with us, we have decided to continue making them as long as they are needed and are now having fun seeking out unique designs and fabrics.  We figure, if we all gotta wear a mask, we might as well have some fun with it!

Our face covers are all made-to-order and we have over 150 different designs (and add new ones often) and offer up to 5 different sizes. We have them organized on our website by "themes" which should help you find what you want easier. 

Thank you for being our customer and we hope you all are staying safe!


Shop Owner/Jeweler/Gemologist/and now Head Seamstress!